We are notable for our extensive experience
in the design of manufacturing systems, especially for
automotive maunfacturers. We can provide you with our
expertise in systems configuration for a wide variety
of applications.
Not only do we provide you with FA (Factory
Automation) systems, but can also help you in many electronic

For example,we can write programs on flash memories on
your behalf using our own-branded programmers.

Moreover,we are capable of assembling printed circuit
boards as well.

Responding globally, we can also help
you set up production bases abroad.

We have a proven track record in assisting manufactures
in setting-up their factories on a global scale. We assist
you in on-site establishment for various production or
logistics control systems. Our entire group, including
our headquarters in the U.S.A., stand ready to support
you in your new production bases established in the rapidly
advancing environment ,such as North & South America,
China, the rest of Asia, and beyond.