October 2010 Opened a subsidiary in Shanghai, China.
March 2004 Completed new company headquarters
in Odaka, Midori-ku – physical union with Nagoya TOA Electric
Inc. who is regarded as TOA Group’s manufacturing centres.
June 2004 Sponsorship contract signed again
this year with the Toyota Auto Body Paris-Dakar Team!
July 2004 Conquered the World’s Five
Continents! – Finally obtained a project to be performed
in African Continent, following a string of various projects
in North American, European, Asian and South American Continents.
Sequence control system designer (Japan/USA)
PC control system designer (Japan/USA)
Minimum five years experience in
designing control systems for sequencers and PCs
at factories in the automotive industry.
College or university graduates fluent enough in
English for long-term assignments in the USA, or
those who are willing to travel between Japan and
the US on a regular basis.
Age: between 23 and 40
Sex: Either male or female
Salary: Commensurate with experience and
ability (base salary plus overtime off payment)
and Vacation:
121 days off (Company calendar includes
120 days off plus one day off on your birthday.)
Benefits: Housing benefits, meal benefits,
family benefits, pension plan, health insurance,
and overseas personal injury insurance